I coach in the 9-5 world. I work with people who own their own business and with professionals at any stage of their career.

Are you constantly revisiting the same set of problems? Mired in tactical details and with no time or energy to grow and enjoy your career? I can change that and you'll see for yourself if you give me 60 minutes. Take me up on my offer and schedule a 60 minute complementary chat and decide for yourself. 


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How Denise Corey Helps Business Owners as a Coach

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The business world requires you to quickly handle problems and have energy and bandwidth to seize opportunities.

"I should be doing this. I should have done that but I'm stuck and not making progress. You’d love to get unstuck, but how? 

I help you find successful solutions and reclaim your confidence so you regain your forward focus. As an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach I work with business leaders and want to be leaders. In our work together, we’ll discover clarity on what you want, uncover the confidence you need to get it, and define your path forward to make it possible.

When it comes to business everyone’s path is different. And no matter where you’re feeling out of your depth, we can find your footing again together.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about what you should be doing and find the way ahead that works for you, let’s talk.


Denise quickly turned things around. She helped me craft a concrete plan of attack to address each problem – and helped me set goals that kept me accountable. The result has been an amazing transformation from feeling “stuck” to flying forward as fast as the world will permit!
— Kevin Gunn, entrepreneur