Workshop: Who are You? September 28, 2019


What's keeping you from being engaged and energized at work?

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“Fear of uncertainty is like a tar pit that keeps us stuck. We are afraid that we will end up in a worse place than where we are now. But the gift of ongoing change is knowing that there is not an end point. … Our life won’t freeze. “ Losing your job-reclaiming your sole by Mary Lynn Pulley

A fast paced three hour workshop designed to examine how you show up at work, what engages you, what drains you and get clear about what needs to change. You’ll get started even before the workshop by completing a Disc Assessment, an excellent tool that will offer you deeper understanding about your natural style. During our three hours together, you will dig into what you need to Love Mondays again, what you skills, talents and interests you offer and what will bring out the best in you.

Three hours is just the launching point. You’ll have homework to complete prior to your one on one sixty minute coaching session. The program includes two hours with a ICF credentialed coach where you can integrate what you learned from the workshop and make a plan to take it to work.

The Who are you workshop costs $375 which includes the Disc Assessment (a $$$$ value), a three hour workshop and two hours of private coaching.