It's amazing to watch someone go from overwhelmed to feeling empowered, ready to do what matters most.

Here is what my clients have said about our work together.

As a business owner, I find it very valuable to have someone to discuss potential plans with and who will hold me accountable.  From the analysis of the company financials to input concerning staffing, the support and feedback she provides is incredibly valuable.  Denise asks provocative questions, which I think about long after our meetings. 



Denise is actively helping me grow as a leader. She's enabled me to uncover blind spots while challenging assumptions that blocked me from being a great leader. I walk away from my conversations with Denise invigorated to take on the challenges necessary to grow my business. She's been strategic in coaching me through both management and execution along with business strategy.     

Jessica - founder & CEO


"My work with Denise has allowed me to launch my new business. I recommend her with gratitude! At the beginning, despite my eagerness to create my new company, I was having trouble figuring out what the first steps should be.

Denise has coached me with patience and encouragement - I can feel her confidence in my ability to move forward. In a very short period, I have made tremendous progress. It is a process of goal setting, taking clearly defined steps, and then reviewing progress."



"At the 'young' age of 55, I decided to realize a dream – my own company.  It was an exhilarating and scary moment.  Denise was my compass for helping me to prioritize the long list of action items required with starting a new venture.  I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone starting a new business or enhancing an established one."



Denise took me from business-ignorant to up-and-running with a business, advising every step of the way. While she offered both competent counsel and personable approach, her greatest gift was the confidence she instilled in me to handle a business on my own.



"Denise has helped me reclaim my professional identity after years of being adrift. Her laser-focused coaching supports my exploration of how I see myself, how I want to be seen, and what I need to do to position myself for success within the organization.

Our conversations revealed how much my own attitudes were holding me back. I feel much more confident and it shows... opportunities now seem to present themselves and I am ready to speak out, step up, or blaze my own path."



I reached out to Denise Corey last year to help me prepare for an important meeting when taking over one of my company’s client. The relationship with that customer was rocky and my company had lost 80% of their business in a matter of 12 months. With Denise’s coaching, I was able to walk confidently in that meeting and over time repair the relationship and get the business back. I was very impressed by her ability to discern the issue and ask the right questions to come up with a solution. I decided to continue our session on a monthly basis and over time have seen my confidence increase, my problem solving improve and I am able to better manage stress linked to working in sales with high profile clients. My business has increased considerably in the past 18 months.

I highly recommend Denise Corey Coaching.

Sophie D. National Sales Manager


Denise helped me a lot with a situation I was struggling with at work.  I wasn't getting along with one of my supervisors, and I couldn't see the path forward.  It was negatively affecting my view of myself and what I could contribute, and it was also hampering my career growth.  As a PhD-level researcher working an industry job in a specialized niche, I was feeling worried about losing my job and not being able to find a comparable job elsewhere.  Denise was very supportive and not at all judgmental.  She helped me see options I wouldn't have considered before.  She helped me see ways I could engage with my supervisor and build a stronger relationship, even though I found it very challenging.  She also helped me think through other job options, in case I decided that I wanted to leave.  As I result, I felt less trapped and was able to be more creative and expansive in my thinking about project ideas, business development, and problem solving  the issues that inevitably continue to crop up when working with a supervisor who has a very different work style.  After just four sessions, I felt like I had some resolution.  I also plan to check in with Denise periodically as I continue to work my career growth plan.  


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