When you think of “advisor,” you might think of someone who gives you advice and tells you what to do.  But Denise approaches it differently.  She thoughtfully listens, then asks questions.  Those questions are so on point.  They always make me think … long after our session has ended.  And the answers to the questions help me focus on specific issues, establish goals, and create plans for moving the company forward.  When Denise helps me, she helps my entire company.
Celine Clive
“At the ‘young’ age of 55, I decided to realize a dream – my own company.  It was an exhilarating and scary moment.  Denise was my compass for helping me to prioritize the long list of action items required with starting a new venture.  I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone starting a new business or enhancing an established one.”

Her skills as a coach, helped me reframe seemingly unsolvable challenges so they are clearer to tackle. She is an amazing listener who hears things in what I said that I was not aware of. She is not afraid to point out inconsistencies that might get in your way. She is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.

Laura Daley
Denise is actively helping me grow as a leader. She’s enabled me to uncover blind spots while challenging assumptions that blocked me from being a great leader. I walk away from my conversations with Denise invigorated to take on the challenges necessary to grow my business. She’s been strategic in coaching me through both management and execution along with business strategy.     
Jessica - founder & CEO
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