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I want to help my clients to find their way to success, instead of telling them “The One Way” to success.

You probably know that there’s no shortage of books, e-courses, workshops, and professionals out there teaching that “one proven way to success.” But here you are – still feeling stuck, overwhelmed, maybe even a bit like you’re failing. And these things are just more noise that make those feelings even worse.

The truth is - meaningful answers come from getting clear on what you really want. They begin to reveal themselves when you can focus – when you have someone to advise you on the way. They become more realistic when you gain confidence in what you’re doing and they become reality when you have help and feedback on shaping a plan to discover them.

It’s not about teaching or lecturing – instead, it’s about creating space for you to see what’s most important so you can move in that direction. These are the things that guide the work I do with you for your business or your career.

So thanks for the opportunity to step in and be your partner. Thanks also for the chance to tell you it’s okay to forget about “should” – it’s the “s” word you no longer need in your vocabulary.

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When I’m not coaching small business owners and employees, I am an enthusiastic tennis player, regular yoga practitioner, attentive dog owner, and happy wife. I also have four grown sons and two daughters-in-law who are all pretty wonderful, in my opinion.