Group discussions and group support power the Love Mondays Program

Group discussions and group support power the Love Mondays Program

The Love Mondays Program: Four workshops designed to help you define, design and cultivate career opportunities that will allow you to flourish and you to grow professionally.  You can sign up for all four workshops, or pick and choose the ones you want. Each workshop participant will receive 2 hours of private coaching following the workshop. In addition participants will receive a recommendation of books, reprints of Harvard Business Review articles and other relevant articles.

“Success is a collision of events, desires, and effort that becomes an untraceable and jumbled mix of outcomes. ...specific outcomes are a result of interconnectivity as opposed to any individual’s detailed game plan.”  from The Click Report by Frans Johansson

My beliefs:

1.You are capable and resourceful

2. You have skills, talents and experience that are value

3. Moving from judgement to curiosity will allow you to explore new possibilities

4. People are interested in helping others

5. Seek offers not jobs

6. Second tier relationships yield new professional opportunities

7. Groups provides support, encouragement and accountability

What's expected of you:

1. Participation

2. Completion workshop’s pre work

3. Read the recommended articles and books 

4. Show up with courage and curiosity

5. Complete assigned Homework prior to coaching sessions

Our program will support you as you:

1) Know who you are by identifying your Natural and Adaptive communication styles...Who are you? 

2) Outline what you desire for your profession and how that aligns with your personal life...What are you looking for? 

3) Articulating your desires and strengths via social media...What do you say about You? 

4) The most important, and maybe the most challenging for you is deciding how you will tell others about you...What steps will I take to get the word out? 

The Love Monday’s program has been designed to build momentum quickly. To heighten curiosity about yourself.  To make your future bigger than your past.  

Attending the LMP means that you want something to improve with your profession and possibly live a more balanced life. That will happen in these workshops; however, you need come ready to deal with new findings about yourself.   

By applying a proven design, tools, experts, and assessments you will be able to explore yourself, to be purposeful and feel confident to make decisions to take steps towards the change you want...not what others want you to do.