Expand your Professional Vision

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You will enjoy a fast-paced three-hour workshop that includes hands on exercises, engaging discussion and group support as you discover new ways to look at career options. After the workshop, you’ll schedule two, one-hour coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach.

What’s out there? Where can you find an opportunity that will value your experience,  grow your skills, meaningfully challenge you and provide a nurturing, supportive community? A place that engages and energizes you?

That’s the focus of this workshop. You will develop the language you need to describe yourself in terms that businesses can understand. You will learn how to present yourself as a solution to corporate problems and acquire the courage to explore new options. 

The Expanding your Professional Vision workshop costs $400 which includes a copy of the best selling book, Designing your Life, a three hour workshop and two hours of private coaching.

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