Discover Who you Are!

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You will enjoy a fast-paced three-hour workshop designed to examine how you show up at work, what engages you, what drains you and get clear about what needs to change. After the workshop, you’ll schedule two, one-hour coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach.

We begin with what makes you unique- You’ll take the customized DISC Assessment before the workshop and be provided with a thorough report that will help you understand your natural talents, skills and communication style.

You will leave this workshop with useful insights into your talents and how your job can bring out the best in you. Your learning doesn’t end with the workshop, you’ll have homework to keep you moving forward and two one-hour private coaching sessions so you can integrate what you’ve learned into your job search and explore your next steps.

The Discover Who You Are Workshop costs $400 for the DISC Assessment, a three-hour workshop and two hours of private coaching.

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