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I work with business professionals who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled and are ready to take steps to change that. My clients range from CEO’s to early career professionals, but they are all committed to making changes so they are engaged and energized by their work. My clients want to perform at their best and be valued for their contributions. I help them get there. I offer advise, serve as an accountability partner and provide an objective sounding board. I always listen intently, invite new perspectives and help my clients generate new solutions to problems. My clients explore new ways to contribute professionally, find more confidence and stop living for Fridays.

“Denise has helped me reclaim my professional identity after years of being adrift. Her laser-focused coaching supports my exploration of how I see myself, how I want to be seen, and what I need to do to position myself for success within the organization. Our conversations revealed how much my own attitudes were holding me back. I feel much more confident, and it shows... opportunities now seem to present themselves and I am ready to speak out, step up, or blaze my own path.”

- Lydian Altman
“I credit Denise for keeping me sane and helping me tackle a new full-time job and grad school at the same time. Ever since our first coaching session, I feel like my professional development learning curve has been on fire. My only regret looking back is that I didn’t start coaching at the beginning of my career. I tell everyone that coaching is the best investment I have ever made.”

- Bridget Duffy