Ready to Love Mondays Again?

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Hi Denise:
The recruiter called to yesterday to offer the job and I accepted! The salary /benefits better than expected. I know there is no way I could have navigated the whole process without your expert advice.
Thank you so  much for all you did to help me!
Warmest regards,

You know it’s time to think about your career when you dread Mondays and live for Fridays. But you’re busy and it’s true, change is scary, but you’ve taken the traditional route to find a new job. You’ve checked out job postings, sent in your resume, slaved over your cover letter and you’re still in the same job and you still dread Monday.

Well I work with folks just like you, with one difference. They decided to it was time to try something new and to make an investment in their career. You have two ways to move forward.

  1. One on one coaching where we explore your career goals at your pace with resources and support that’s designed to meet your unique need.

2. Join the Love Mondays Program and participate in the workshop of your choice.