It's not you, it's MATH!

Member of Perch CoWorking space working on getting Unstuck.

Member of Perch CoWorking space working on getting Unstuck.

So you're stuck. You are so stuck, you might as well be set in cement. And it's all your fault. You must be lazy, or have ADHD, or are too busy, or not committed. Right? A quick google search on getting unstuck has hundreds of suggestions on how you need to change because after all you are the problem. These articles suggest that when stuck try taking a walk, meditating, making lists, take up art to unleash your creativity and these are all good suggestions, for life in general, but I don't think they'll get you unstuck because it's not you, it's Math.

Yes, the whole stuck problem can be expressed in a simple formula.

E>G (%L)-S

As long as the E (Energy) you think it will take to achieve your goal is larger than the reward expressed as G(%L)-S you will stay stuck.

So instead of changing you, I think you need to figure out how to manipulate the formula to this:


Rational, practical, smart people will not knowingly expend energy on something they don't think will pay off. It's basic biology. So if you are stuck, it's because you don't really believe that you'll get enough reward for the energy you expect the project will require.

Now, don't give up, because you have the power to manipulate the equation. I'll break down each component in future blogs, but let's go over this at a high level in this first blog.

E = the energy you think it will take to accomplish the goal task. 

G = the outcome you have set your sights on.

%L = the percent chance you will reach your desired outcome.

S = shame or fear associated with not reaching the outcome.

Bottom line, to change the equation means you need to figure out how to either expend less energy or increase the chance of reaching your goal. Sounds simple but far from easy. We'll explore ways to do this in future blogs. 

- denise