Group Coaching can take you farther and teach you more.

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I started leading four folks in Group Coaching last summer. I was nervous and unsure of how effective coaching would be outside of a one-on-one setting. The verdict is in, it's amazing!!! The Group Members have defined goals, implemented new strategies, increased self-awareness and grown more confident. In fact, they elected to renew their contract 2 more times. 

But enough from me, here are some thoughts from the members of this group.

"I've never worked with a business coach before but I found the idea of group coaching intriguing! It has turned out to be such a positive experience on many levels. Denise is extremely skilled in coaching us both individually and as a group. She is insightful and intuitive and knows how to ask just the right questions. It's been great to have other members in the group, as we all bring different experiences and perspectives and encourage each other in our discussions and pursuits. I highly recommend group coaching sessions with Denise! They have helped me tremendously."

"One of the first questions Denise asked me was "what do you want?" However, I didn't have an answer. I worried then that maybe my problems were too big, that even Denise couldn't help me. However, I should have had more faith in Denise's incredible skills and experience. If there's one thing I've learned about Denise, it's that if there isn't an answer to a question, she doesn't just give up, she asks another question. Denise's ability to use perfectly targeted questions to dig into the meat of what is really going on for someone and their business is immense. She always knows just what to ask to help you have the deep-seated, inner realizations that foster true growth and feelings of clarity, progress, and overcoming obstacles."

"Over the past twenty years, I have written a number of books, published cds, created numerous projects, and held visions of sharing these messages with a broader audience.  I have created several DIY websites.  And I have attended business schools and taken courses, questing for something that would help me get more focused, gain more clarity, and take some positive achievable action steps that could grow my business vision in real, tangible, and enjoyable ways. 
In just a few short months of being in Denise Corey’s Group Coaching Program, I have achieved what I would call several mini miracles.  I gained and claimed a clear focus about what I was truly trying to create for myself and for the clients that I aim to serve.  I put a do-able action plan in place to create the type of product and experience that would reach clients in the ways I have so long intended.  And I gained the confidence and courage to step up and try these possibilities out.  For all of this, including Denise’s coaching clarity and the group’s amazing support, I am truly grateful."

"For the past three months, I’ve enjoyed being part of a mutual accountability/business coaching group facilitated by Denise Corey.  Although the members of our group are in very different businesses, Denise has a way of zeroing in on the most essential issues for each member and of asking great questions to help members move in their own positive direction.
Our group has been a great reminder to me of the progress I’ve made as well as the direction I want to go. I’m defining business goals and accomplishing them – not out of fear of “reporting” to the group, but because the direction is clear and I’m excited to let the others know. Denise has helped create a trusting and supportive group in a really short time and it has really helped all of us, I believe, feel less alone.  Thank you, Denise!"

I am opening up a new group in January. The group will meet virtually (using Zoom) every other week for 90 minutes. Each member of the group will also receive two,  one-hour private coaching sessions.
The cost of the program is $450.00.  If you're interested, let's talk

- denise